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Tue Jan 08, He told me to delete a couple of lines in the script and try that but this didn't work and he said that he cannot offer support on anything higher than TC1. Here is what he told me: Mon Nov 24, 7:

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Here is what he told me: Thanks It doesn't bother me if all the fancy stuff doesn't work just as long as the train itself works how do I edit the script I tried to edit the script through content manager but this error comes up Error: The tag '12' in 'textures' must have an image file extension.

Users browsing this dontent You can help the Wikibooks Trainz project by expanding it with fuller discussion of the topic. Get tips for how to make your Trainz experience better, join content creators around the globe and gain access to a vast pool of information. Many older Trainz assets can be successfully translated into newer Trainz releases and still exist on the DLS. No registered users and 2 guests.

Trainz/Using Content Creator Plus (CCP)

Mac - View All. But when doing so content creator plus doesn't open with this or any other items would love to get these tube stock working anyone got any ideas of to what could be stopping it from opening?

Retrieved from " http: Keep up to date with the latest special offers, awesome screenshots and all the Trainz development news.

We have been working hard to get our online submission process ready for all content creators who are keen to earn some monetary rewards for their Trainz creations. For an asset to work correctly, CCP needs to be used with knowledge of Kinds of assets.

Sun Nov 23, 3: Thanks tried that then got this error.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The script file will be in the driving and trailer carsnot the texture group.

Trainz Content Creator Program, now online!

These can be fixed using simple tools, most often, just a plain ordinary text editor like the ubiquitous Windows Notepad editor. What error has the dependency got? This 'scripts' the user into proper definition, formulation, and assembly of a complete simple or complicated multi-component by forcing definition of required data types needed by that type asset.

Discover all the big events happening in the world of Trainz. Previous topic Next topic. Sun Nov 23, 8: As it has been updated, some of the bugs that plagued the early version have been ironed out and advancements have been made in its usefulness. Mobile - View All. He told me to delete a couple of lines in the script and try that but this didn't work and he said that he cannot offer support on anything dreator than TC1.

It may be that. Policies and guidelines Contact us.

Trainz/Using Content Creator Plus (CCP) - Wikibooks, open books for an open world

Are you getting any errors? If it doesn't, take out the whole line.

Submit your content now. Once submitted and approved, our content team will process and package the content ready for sale inside Trainz PC, Mac and iOS products as well as on SimulatorCentral.

Sun Nov 23, 9: That can be fixed using Notepad using Edit in Explorer if needed, by opening the config. Ideology Content Creator Plus is designed to allow content creators pkus easily create and edit asset configurations.

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