Funny punjabi audio

Rock this party Woodwind Run Up 1 4 seconds. Woodwind Run Down 3 4 seconds.

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Music audio clip Funny audio clip Fish Shaker 3 3 seconds. Triangle Hit 3 seconds. Nature audio clip Tripped Up Brass 1 3 seconds.

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Then browse a place in your hard disk to store it. Wood Block Accelerating Rol 11 seconds bpm. Fighting Double Air Movement 1 2 seconds.

Single Note Piccolo 2 seconds. Wwstrxylo Passage 2 2 seconds. Tambourine Roll 1 3 seconds.

Rattle Warning 6 seconds. Short Gliss Up 5 3 seconds.

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Pizzicato Phrase 2 5 seconds. Funny Gong 1 3 seconds. Long Gliss Down1 6 seconds. Full Str Gliss Up 1 2 seconds. Short Gliss Down 5 2 funmy. Beside You BOA Check them out now! Timpani Wind Effect 1 17 seconds bpm.


Triangle Roll 8 seconds bpm. Short Gliss Up 3 2 seconds. Short Gliss Up 2 2 seconds. Dying Rattle Snake 4 seconds.

Woodwind Single Grace Note 3 seconds. Short Gliss Down 4 2 seconds. Cowbell 2 3 seconds.

When spice girls change sexs. Frying Pan 3 seconds.

Short Gliss Up 1 2 seconds. Cowbell 1 3 seconds. Short And Fat Brass 5 seconds. Walla Walla From Cantina Creatures That's how you know. Searching For Truth

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