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The game tells the story of the Fur Fighters , a group of animal warriors, and their quest to save their families, and the world, from the evil General Viggo. Juliette the Cat , born in Paris, France and the only playable female in the game. To put it into perspective, a Pentium III would have been top end during the game's development with the first P4s being released the same year as the game. Next on the list is the beautiful and deadly Juliette. I made a folder in Program Files x86 for it, but you can put it wherever you want.

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This isn't necessary if you follow the next step though. Here's how I did it. Want to add to the discussion? Juliette the Catfoghters in Paris, France and the only playable female in the game. Maneuvering through these levels often requires careful observation of the environment so as not to get lost, as well as solving puzzles to figure out where some babies might be hidden or how to gain access to more of the level.

How to get Fur Fighters PC Version Working Correctly on a Modern Computer : dreamcast

The other stuff is fairly standard for older PC titles. This article is about the Dreamcast version of the game. It's a shame as the game feels fantastic at FPS. There are of them to be found. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Retrieved from " http: Each parent has their own advantages and disadvantages, with many having special abilities allowing them to do certain things easier. For more information, please see Fur Fighters organisation.

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In Fur Fighters it is the players fightters to rescue the Fur Fighter's babiesbut they can only be rescued by their own parents. Run Nvidia Profile Inspector. My guess is that the hardware of the time couldn't run the game that fast, so it just never seemed like an issue. Submit a new link. The story is rather loose, revolving around the Fur Fighters' quest to rescue their babies, save their family and stop General Viggo.

Somebody please comment if you know a way to do this with AMD or Intel graphics.

The frame rate thing is the only real bug, and it's easily fixed once you know about it. Select the FurFighters furfighters. Breath of the Wild Nintendo Switch, As a battle-scarred veteran, Roofus the dog is the natural leader of the team.

This will get you to the "playable but with bugs" level. From old forum posts I found around the web, the game was buggy to begin with, and modern computers that are hundreds of times more powerful that what was available 18 years ago make it even worse.

The story begins years in the past, when the Fur Fighters, an elite squad of highly trained Special Force cuddly animals, brought the Evil General Viggo to justice. Log in or sign up in seconds.

Fur Fighters

You'll need to go back to the installation directory, right click furfighters. I made a folder in Program Files x86 for it, pv you can put it wherever you want.

The six remaining animals decided to right the wrongs inflicted upon their families.

The heroes of our story are a motley bunch. For some reason, it lists my Graphics cards once for each monitor, so I get six options.

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On my Hz tur, the game was going complete bonkers. While the game was not a tremendous financial success and went almost unnoticed by the majority of gamers at the time, critically the game was almost universally praised for its size, scope, sense of humour, and attention to detail. Despite the release of Viggo on Glassit still contains much more exclusive content and many different cheats that are not available elsewhere.

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