Cba age of empires 2

They are an archer civ that can kill almost every other archer unit in the game. They're underpowered in some versions of CBA, but some balanced ones like "CBA v13 Balanced v4,2,1" give them extra blacksmith upgrades at the start to make them competitive. Britons Strong against infantry, strong against Manguadis and Cataphracts, strong against Janissaries and Conquistadors in imperial age. Usually the teuton player will focus the saracens, as mamelukes can only deal 1 dmg to teutonic knights.

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You should set for your mates before razing yourself, in the case they need it. Your melee units are nothing special. Their cavaliers and infantry cannot be fully upgraded, so their biggest weakness is a ram attack.


Britons, stop making horse archers! Cavalry archers Koreans, Mongols, Indians, Burmese True that turk beat those archer with range but for jap, if i were the one using range, i wil hit and run, jap couldnt get close. However, you can delete the gate in the back of your base without penalty, and it will also delete the walls on the sides of your base. The Britons can then wall the team up. smpires

HD Edition Store Page. The most common causes of this issue are: Strong against infantry and decent against camelsincluding non-clumped Mameluks.

Your job usually consists of setting razes for the civs in your team that needs them the most britons, mayans, malay….

[●] CBA Guide , Basics and Advanced techniques

It seems like how you play depends very much on the civ you have. Many civs will try to farm on you because karambit warriors are extremely weak against melee, so be ready to ask for help. Many new players will make the mistake of sending all of their units out and leaving their bases undefended, while an opponent will bring their gate down and stream 80 guys right for the castles, which is basically game over.

Rattan Archer - Razes: Most of the time every team has a main razing civ, that player should always, at the very least, flare where they intend to go, so that supporting allies can meet them there and significantly increase the chances of success at the location. For those of sge who still think that you can't be a newb in CBA, I used to think the same way, I empures thought I'd see the day when we'd actually have to make splits and organize fair teams, today it is more than obvious who the newbs and experts are.

Camel Archer - Razes: You will be able to get the rest of your razes easily from towers or castles.

Empirex Trees for Age of Empires I Want to see your AoE2 stream listed here? Arbalest, Eagle Warrior - Strategy: If your allies dont defend your base it will be game over for you quite soon anyway. Empures melee civ can "set" a raze for their ranged ally by attacking a building and getting it to low health without razing it so that their ranged ally can have an easier time of razing and getting vils.

Celts Paladins and Woodraiders owned by Magyars Paladins. For these reasons I consider maya eagles to be a cut above Aztec ones.

10 CBA Tips - PK Clan

Vikings are pretty awesome in CBA until post imp. Log in or sign up in seconds. For example, Aztecs do very well against other infantry civs due to the inf attack bonus that the jag warrior has, but will lose badly to archer civs and most cav civs especially Byza. Ask your teammates cva protect you since the very beggining so you can unleash your elephants and set razes for them.

Cavaliers and camels can be produced instead. Avoid anti-cavalry civs at all costs.

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Due to the high number of razes required, it is best to raze only the neccesary front gates to open enemy bases, and leave the rest to your teammates. Referring to attacking enemy buildings. Just kill units and let your mates do the job.

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