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Component Plugin Language packs: They were creating backups with the popular Akeeba Backup extension. Having a spare copy of your site backup outside your web server is a very good practice.

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Click here to see the result of browsing to 'http: If you choose a weekly schedule, you can select specific days to backup.

Unlike the standard way to create backup: You will see another prompt from Google. Click here to see the next screen after akeeha have closed the message. All you have to do is to turn on your computer and your latest backup files will automatically be downloaded to it, thanks to DropBox' magic.

Backup your Joomla site to DropBox with Akeeba Backup Professional

The first thing you should do after installing Akeeba Backup Professional is to click the Configuration Wizard button. Akeeba Backup Professional can do that for you. In order to avoid any problems, please only use alphanumeric characters a-z, Akeeeba and in the secret word. You will be taken back to the backup configuration page.

Log in to your account at Watchful. Now starting from a first backup you run using this profile, Akeeba Backup will be automatically deleting backups akeeeba than 7 days. If you are new to Akeeba Backup profiles, please visit this tutorial.

Akeeba Backup Pro - Joomla Extension. Create a new backup profile in your Akeeba Backup control panel. The majority of the time you wont need to edit of these settings so you can just click the 'Next' button located in the top right of your screen. Once Akeeba Backup finished creating akeena backup, it will automatically upload it to your Google Drive.

Since we are using the Professional version of Akeeba Kickstart we have the option to import our files from Amazon S3. Click here to see the database progress screen.

Beginners Guide to Akeeba Backup Pro Remote Quota Management - Joomlashack

Another important point to keep in mind: Being able to take full site backups is very good, but having your site do that for you automatically is even better. If it is, simply tell Akeeba Backup how many backup files maximum you would like to store on your Google Drive. Do note that it is case sensitive, i.

A website without a backup is a website preparing for disaster and a backup that is not tested or that can be easily used is no use at all.

We will then need to enter the database details, these will either be the same details as you enter for the installation process if you are restoring the backup on the same server or the will be different if you have transferred your website to another server.

Akeeba Backup has a ton of features. If your website is large there may be a number of files, extension ending '.

Click here to see step 6. Backups can save your site in a,eeba unfortunate event that it crashes unexpectedly. All the files that Akeeba Backup produced of our website and database 'kickstart.

This is particularly useful when, for example, you want to install Joomla updates since we advise that you always perform a backup before making any changes to your site. If you have DropBox' client application installed on your computer, a short while after the backup is taken you will see the backup parts backpu through to your computer automatically.

ABC, abc and Abc are three different secret words. In the field next to it, enter 5. And your gratitude will be our reward.

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