24 horas 8 temporada

Taylor tasks Bauer to lead Omar's security detail; and Bauer includes Walker in his mission. The woman takes Omar on her car and leaves the lot; and Bauer deduces the presence of a mole. Kanin disagrees, but to no avail. Milan Cheylov [ 18 ].

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Bauer is brought to Sergei and offers more money than Farhad for the rods. Bauer devises a plan to announce Farhad's survival in order to lure an operative to the hospital.

24 HORAS – Live Another Day: 9ª Temporada S09E12(9×12) Legendado

Com a ajuda de Chloe foge mais uma vez da CIA. Bauer stays outside while Ortiz and Walsh go inside, where she knocks him unconscious, recovers a memory card from the box and calls the police about Bauer, who manages to escape and capture her in a construction site, where he recovers the card and then executes her.

Obtida de " https: Taylor calls Logan's operatives and demands them to let Jack go, which they do. Ortiz and other agents arrive, and she tells them about Bauer. The former forces the latter to stitch his wound and knocks the latter unconscious. Bauer heads to Bazhaev's bail court, where the former threatens the rest of the latter's family if he does not talk.

He refuses and decides to return with his family, however Kim convinces him to help O'Brian. The season's storyline begins and ends at 4: Jack realizes that Kayla's car, currently arriving at CTU, must be armed with a weapon that can take out the entire office.

Ortiz and Omar both survive the attack.

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Meanwhile, Reed denies the accusation while Farhad is revealed to be the inside person. Jack Bauer and the rest of Hassan's protective detail kill all but one member of the team but upon learning of the ultimatum, Hassan turns himself into Mehran. O outro departamento emprega "analistas de dados", civis que ficam na central e cuidam de uma variedade de trabalhos: Dana meets with Officer Prady, who has clearance to obtain CTU's records of the security-camera footage of Nick and Kevin's robbery; deciding to come clean, she calls Cole to wish him a teary good-bye.

Taylor agrees and Kanin decides to resign. Em maio deDeadline.

No comunicado de imprensa, Gordon disse:. Bauer and Walker head to her apartment, where they start having sex.

She tasks O'Brian to investigate him. CTU starts chasing Omar and Faroush on satellite. Retrieved July 20, Omar tries to dissuade Faroush, who remarks the former's betrayals in his point of view.

Meanwhile, Farhad visits Sergei Bazhaev, the seller, and demands proof of the existence hofas the uranium rods.


The pictures Bauer sent reveal the involvement of a Russian mafia group led by Vladimir Laitanan. Jack and Cole arrive at the bank vault to find Samir and his confederates gone; Arlo's drones monitor them on the street, and facial recognition identifies one of them as Tarin, very much alive, the entire "escape" having been faked.

Tokarev does not talk until Bauer finds the former's SIM card missing, deducing that the former swallowed it. Live Another Daywhich aired in Walker is revealed to have once been an undercover agent in Laitanan's group. Consultado em 3 de junho de Retrieved March 16, Reed is freed, and Omar decides to end the affair. Jack takes pictures of specific tattoos on his body, and sends them to CTU. Consultado em 3 de junho de Mehran orders his men to hold Bauer's team until the former and Faroush leave with the rods on a boat.

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