3 doors down let me be myself

It's time to make my way Into the world I knew. Whether it's software programming, design, or game development, I love computers. Log in now to add this track to your mixtape! The song was released on December 2, Recent;y, I've found myself looking forward to again being who I once was, and living the life I was meant to live.

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I guess I just got lost Being someone else. I stopped spending time with family and friends, stopped my hobbies, and became a slave to a master whom I detested greatly, but was powerless to fight against. Tell me please Would you one time just let me be myself So I can shine With my own light. General Comment I got the cd today.

General Comment Wonderful song! She's living my life and not giving me another option. This song reflects my present thought. The song was released on December 2, Always remember, even if there's no comments about your comment, someone has read it, and it helped someone.

For me, I've found myself battling an addiction to prescription medication for a number of years.

But I can't do what I want. General Comment wonderful album, it worth the wait. There was an error.

Don't go to others standards if you meet there's, then great, and if you don't, oh well it doesn't matter. We do not have any tags for Let Me Be Myself lyrics. I tried to kill the pain, But nothing ever helped.

Let Me Be Myself

But my mom wants me to do Pharmacy. Strangely, not knowing any of you helps me. I suppose in the end my story is about a relationship as well; just with a drug and not a person.

General Comment To me this roors is just about having enough of what people want you to be and living your own dreams and no one else's. I'm stuck on with expectations and standards that I have to doos, that I'm so welled up inside.

Throughout the video, he is constantly approached by humans whom he pushes away. I'm reposting part of my other comment specifically for you, mrwonderr: The song peaked, until now, at 12, and is becoming a success, climbing every week. I'm stuck doing a million things I don't want to do, and I hate it. Login with Google Error: It says alot to me, as I feel like society is trying to make me this horriblr person.

I left myself behind, Somewhere along the way Hoping to come back around To find myself someday Lately I'm so tired of waiting for you To say that it's OK. Login with Facebook Error: Whether it's software programming, design, or game development, I love computers. The music video was preceded by about a month by a GEICO commercial featuring the song along with a scene reminiscent of the last scene of the music video.

Let Me Be Myself, a song by 3 Doors Down on Spotify

I'll never find my heart Behind someone else. General Comment I feel you, dundane. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. I really want to go into something with computers.

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