Ableton live effects

Try experimenting with some different filters and see what happens! The compressor is optimized for balancing out groups of drums, with fast attack, medium release and moderate ratio settings, as well as ample makeup gain. At positive values, frequencies are stretched, increasing the amount of upper partials.

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Audio Units Plug-ins sometimes have a feature that allows choosing between different modes for the device.

This is mainly useful for removing DC offsets from audio material that contains them. The Attack and Release controls set how quickly Vocoder responds to amplitude changes in the modulator signal.

Spin applies modulation to the early reflections. If you open a Set that was created in a version of Live older than version 9. By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Abeton mode applies limiting to both effectx whenever either of them has a peak that requires compression. Setting the parameter to M will sum the audio to mono. For more information about the various types of dynamics processing, see the Multiband Dynamics chapter see Here are some tips for using the Frequency Shifter device.

Drum tuning Tuning sampled acoustic drums can be tricky. The Quality chooser controls the tradeoff between reverb quality and performance.

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Lin works together with the Curve and Depth parameters to alter the linear portion of the shaping curve. Guitar cabinets are normally fed by guitar amps.

At very large sizes, the fundamental pitch of the resonator also changes. Linear scaling is particularly useful for detailed analysis of high frequencies.

Note ablton with Oversampling enabled, very loud peaks may still exceed 0 dB. The horizontal axis adjusts downsampling. From top to bottom in the choosers, these are: The Drive control determines how much signal reaches the tube; greater Drive yields a dirtier output. At 0 dB, no compression occurs. Each delay is modulated at a different frequency, as determined by the Spin amount.

Frequency determines where in the harmonic spectrum the filter is applied; Resonance boosts frequencies near that point. To set this up: Click the Browse button to open a folder-search dialog for locating and selecting the appropriate folder. The filters in this device are optimized to sound more like a good, powerful analog filter cascade than a clean digital filter.

Live Audio Effect Reference — Ableton Reference Manual Version 10 | Ableton

Like the Spin section, you can control the modulation frequency and amplitude, or turn it off. Depth controls the amplitude of a sine wave that is superimposed onto the distortion curve. The other extreme — a very small value — will give it a highly colored, metallic feel.

The frequency range of each band is defined via two crossover controls: You may also like: The attack, release and ratio control the following: Effects Racks' presets are grouped into the following categories:. It then maintains this pitch until it detects a new one.

Choose a suitable kick with a long decay e. Turning a device off is like temporarily deleting it:

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