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Drink on it blake shelton

And drink on it Your place or mine Girl we can drink on it Dust off a bottle and drink on it Feels like we're doin' something right Let's find a corner of the night Where you and i can just. Hey girl Hey where ya goin'? You look to good to be headin home so early now, You say you gotta work tomorrow, got a lot on your mind. Girls Like You Maroon 5 Shallow feat. Attorneys for Blake Shelton have now settled a major lawsuit against InTouch Weekly, one that involved accusations of out-of-control alcoholism.

Alexisonfire this could be anywhere in the world

I can see how it could feel like your leaving a part of yourself behind every time you refuse to help one of them your soul specifiically. George Pettit Dallas Green ] This town has its claws buried in my neck This town, it takes lives without mercy, without hate The streets are in distress The sun suffocates behind darkened skies The grass is growing on top of my feet I'm sinking, won't be long before I'm too deep to run The lineup seems endless Underneath the salvation signs We are the dead ones, we are the lost cause We are the bend before the break, our steps seal our fate [Chorus: He's saying that the grass is growing all around him and pretty soon he's going to be too deep in it to be able to untangle himself. Add your thoughts 75 Comments.

Changing faces ghettout part 2

Sittin' there sittin' there sittin' there all alone I been feeling kinda strange lately I don't know what's going on baby Ever since i came back from out of town Something's telling me some bullshit is going down Boy is there someone else you're seeking Is it someone else My vital's telling me you're creeping Finding numbers in your jeans You're talking in your sleep Faded letters written by me No more sittin' at home alone While you're out with somebody else No more staring at the phone Cuz i can do bad all by myself Yeah, it's obvious how things have changed within a year Just give me half of the rent and get outta here No more talking save your lines for somebody else Keep on walking cuz i can do better by myself I gave you all, all of my time But you would not know a good thing If it stares you in your face Oh oh oh oh Hey ey ey ey Oh oh oh oh Repeat 2 until fade Related. Changing Faces - G. You gotta check out.