Anno 1602 gold

Leave a comment here! These occur when you destroy a native settlement. So what I do is, I don't destroy them.

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Unofficial addons have appeared, including "Pirate's Isle" and "A. In this scenario, neither resources or space will be particularly important - just avoid the tiny islands.

However, that's not easy, and Blue will probably declare war early in the game. Similarly, settling on an island already occupied by a computer player is a sign of aggression. I've been using Winex to try this game.

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This version almost wasn't produced at all Infogrames rather lost interest That's why ore deposits may be exhaustible. Secondary islands need to be settled with the purpose only of producing goods, which are then shipped to the main colony.

Charges from your service provider may apply when calling the international number.

There is no military option: Sometimes, when you attack an Opponent's island, it is tempting to try to replace all his Markets as well as his Warehouse in order to keep all his Plantations and Production Workshops.

Well, he comes along with a big battle-ship, I sail my ship to my ship-yard and start repairing it while he's fighting me. If there is a nice island free, they will settle. Yes No Gold Edition: You may need a Fire department, to put out fires, although the probability of having to deal with a fire on this scenario is quite low.

White should have inhabitants, out of them should be merchants. Well, I took this for an 'insult' and sent over a battleship with my lonesome soldier who persuaded him very quickly that this was MY LAND.

When you make soldiers, you are exhibiting a sign of aggression. Fishing is not possible either directly on the bank nor in the open sea. Leave this field empty.

The Warehouse is the only buildings that you build from a ship moored next to the island. In some cases this can be reduced by de-activating the building.

A few small northern islands are available to be colonized, but not enough to supply people. Don't worry about the last two houses, the 15 houses covered by the Chapel will be plenty. Once explored, suitability is shown by moving the cursor over the island: That way, I kind of have to chase his shipyards around until he does not build any more. Mint condition in box Good condition Good condition Reasonable condition. This is likely to be on of the first scenarios in which eventually the pirates will settle an island.

Roads are needed to move goods between most buildings: Market places do not need to be connected by roads to one another, although this will help distribute carts across your island, which improves overall transport efficiency. Plant additional trees if required. Alternatively consider other food options, such as Hunting lodges.

These extract ore from deposits after conventional Iron mines have stopped working - after the first 80t of Ore have been mined. Pirates are the exception, since they are hostile unless tamed. Annl stopped, selected the 'eye' icon, which explores the island. When I sailed next to the marketplace the ship's 'cargo crate' icon appeared.

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