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Brandon Text supports 95 languages:. At vero eos et accusam et justo duo dolores et ea rebum. Although Brandon Grotesque is not the worst choice for texts, it was initially made for medium or bigger usage. Using Brandon needs some air and gives a luxural feeling.

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Featured in Typefaces of If you would like to purchase an App, eBook or another license please contact us directly. Most bdandon are likely to glance over Brandon Text without much notice.

Brandon Text Medium

We can see the results of these questions by examining the tighter, more cursive letterforms such as the italic. Besides a big number of accented letters, making sure that the typeface has a good language support, a font should include several features for excellent typographic work joining forces with the layout applications of the time and of course the user.

Although Brandon Grotesque is not the worst choice for texts, it was initially bdandon for medium or bigger usage.

Will you have to forego any quirks and eccentricities of more geometrically pure counterparts? But as the microsite suggests, Brandon Text has more than enough interesting characteristics to make it suitable for pleasing subheadings, too.

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Click here to cancel reply. Stet clita kasd gubergren, no sea takimata sanctus est Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet. The Brandon Grotesque for small sizes. Besides the brandonn lining figures, the fonts also contain a set of tabular figures. It is manually hinted and optimized for screens, so it will be a good choice for Websites, eBooks or Apps.

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Brandon Text is the companion of the famous Brandon Grotesque type family. This means that all numbers have the same width — useful if you want to set up invoices, tables or every other task where the figures should have a structured appearance between themselves.

Although many designs miss the peculiarities of their origins, this typeface is certainly not one of them. Font of the Month Club.

Influenced by the geometric-style sans serif faces that were popular during the s and 30s, the fonts are based on geometric forms that have been optically corrected for better legibility.

What happens when you optically correct geometric typefaces for smaller sizes? All Basic Accents Others Languages When Brandon Grotesque became a big success, people loved use it everywhere — also in their books, info letters or manuals. You might also like: Consequently, this typeface satisfies those initial questions as it sits among bold, typographic strangers without much cause for celebration.

Robin Rendle is a freelance typographer and front-end developer from the UK. Get new type in your inbox, every single month. It has a higher x-height than the Grotesque version and is optimized for long texts, small sizes and screens. Using Brandon needs some air and gives a luxural feeling. Brandon Grotesque can nicely be combined with Brandon Text. A special OpenType conding makes sure that if you type any numbers combined with a slash between a fraction will automatically be substituted.

Designing text faces of this sort, then, is not a suitable profession for those in search of glory or prestige. Here is a selection of what this font family has to offer under the hood.

We decided to create a specialist for this and offer a solution for those who appreciate the details of typography. OpenType Features — or what else you can do with it, besides designing your corporate design.

Brandon Text has a functional look with a warm touch and works perfectly together with Brandon Grotesque.

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