Best logic games

The Lifeline series by 3 Minute Games are also excellent adventure-puzzle games with text elements. The developers say this is the first game in the series. There are also some modern features such as remastered graphics. It follows the life of a Max, a high school girl with special powers. You have to adjust your strategies accordingly.

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Like always, if you are any questions or suggestions about these games, feel free to type in the comments below. However, the inclusion of multiple endings gives the later titles some replay value.

There are also some modern bwst such as remastered graphics. Who has the biggest Memory. Do you think you have the logic skills to do so? News, reviews, deals, apps and more. Sudoku with highscore option choose between numbers and letters and 2 different ….

These usually cost money, gamea never more than a few bucks. This may seem simple enough, but if the different colored wires cross or overlap each other, they will break. Looking for more excellent Android games? One of the original co-founders of Rock, Paper, Shotgun, I'm now a senior editor and hero of humanity. Finally, the most recent game, Old Sins, takes place in a dollhouse.

Thus, you break into the house over and over again. Gunpoint Totally Wired Try to arrange the complete train in the correct order from 1 till 20 by rotatin….

Challenge your skills everyday with a huge variety of crossword puzzles bfst …. This list changes almost entirely every year and was no different.

15 best puzzle games for Android

You have someone's phone. Dog pooh is part of life, unfortunately. Fantasy Mosaics 5 PC. The other series, Rusty Lake, is a more premium point-and-click adventure-puzzle game that takes place in the same universe as the Cube Escape series.

Gunpoint dev's latest pitch: Classic Chinese Puzzle for Valentine: Ggames a great experience overall.

It's definitely the best escape room game by this developer.

Plucking the peak of PC puzzling, we break down what makes them so special, and put them in the correct order. After having a steady job, you will find that you are not using different aspects of your brain that much as you used to do in school.

Android App Store Alternatives. Laura's Story, and Bury me, my Love. Just leave your suggestions and reasons why in the comments below. There are two different franchises by Rusty Lake. You win when you make that happen.

5 Best Logic Games for Android

Penny Dell Sunday Crosswords. The graphics and mechanics are good and the story is entertaining. Hello Neighbor is one of the most unique puzzle games on mobile. This game is one of the most popular logic games for Android, and it shows in the design as well as gameplay.

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