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Speaking of the old GTAs, games I've since deemed badly-aged unplayable messes are once again incredibly fun when the setup is done right; You just don't take into account the things like input lag, sound lag and whatever else that all contributes to a lamer experience, and yeah while you might be able to increase internal resolution, it still doesn't look as good in HD as it does at native res on a CRT, it simply wasn't designed for that. Image via NeoGAF member irmas. There is a softmod called FreeMcBoot work's like a charm.

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Also, you can reflow a couple times before breaking the chiplet irreparably. The Neo Geo emulator is also compatible on Mac and windows 7.

For best results, it is recommended that you have a CPU with a passmark score of or higher for single threaded performance. Some other user in this thread said it's possible.

It allows for resolution scaling, and doesn't have graphical issues in most games; I've beaten multiple games on this mode, but some games like Burnout 3 still have the black sky issue. Not all games work perfectly on HDD loading, though. Psychonauts 2, for example! Official forum Join thousands of members to get help! So that's why I was wondering if I should just get a new PS2 that isn't the latest slim model or the ps3 but if the ps3 overheats I better stay away from it.

The first piece of evidence that we learned was that the GameIndex.

I have hope to one day fix mine one more time and keep it cool with more care. Mostly all you need to know to get started is how to configure the graphics settings and a gamepad.

Top PS2 Emulators - Play Sony Playstation 2 Games on Other Devices-

A lot of games were playable on QHD and some even at 4k. Some games require a beastly overclocked CPU for butter smooth gameplay.

A few demanding games like SOTC have slowdown, but other than that it usually tends to be smooth sailing with some enhancements. It's catastrophic hardware failure.


Just replace the problematic chips with new ones that would also, some time in the future, fail. If you really don't care about slowdown, timing inaccuracies, graphical bugs, and just wanna squeeze out gameplay, go for emulation. Self posts should provide scope for wider, interesting discussion.

Here's someone with similar specs as yours running one of the more demanding titles for PCSX2 to emulate, Dirge of Cerberus. However, S-Video and component-video connectors are on the market individually if you would like to enhance the image quality.

Stick disc in drive and click button. This is presumably because they went for hacky undocumented quirks read: LMK if you need help with that don't use the Widescreen hacks. This emulator is still under development, so we can't really expect much from this one even though it is incomplete it is displaying very promising results you will need the BIOS files to use this emulator.

PS2 emulation is actually very good atm. Screen shot feature is available.

Top PS2 Emulators - Play Sony Playstation 2 Games on Other Devices

Poster above said my system is a bit too bad. And with a little more work, you can make the games better than they were on the original hardware. They didn't use hacks or quirks, it's more like they programmed bestt PS2 closer to Sony intentions!

Any help would be great, as it seems to do this for every game.

Every new revision and patch allows a lot of games to be run and improves on the soundness and speed of the soul. If you stick to native resolution and OpenGL HW, you'll get at least the same visual quality as a PS2, and you won't have to bother with compatibility tweaks PCSX2 only starts to get fiddly when you use non-native resolution, as some games require hacks to address post-processing and visual glitches when you scale the internal resolution up from native.

If you use hardware based rendering and some speed hacks, you should be alright for most of the stuff, though. High quality sound emulation Save states feature Cheats supported Good compatibility even though it's not complete. CONS Still under development incomplete emulator.

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