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Kinetics of microbial growth, substrate utilization and product formation; Simple structured models; Sterilization of air and media; Batch, fed-batch and continuous processes; Aeration and agitation; Mass transfer in bioreactors; Rheology of fermentation fluids; Scale-up concepts; Design of fermentation media; Various types of microbial and enzyme reactors; Instrumentation in bioreactors. Higher Engineering Mathematics By B. So I want to buy gate material.

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Posts By City Delhi Kolkata. So I want to buy gate material.

Can I buy study material now and attend classes from next batch? Techniques in raising transgencies.

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How to practice Online? I Got your study material.

The origin of immunology; Inherent immunity; Humoral and cell mediated immunity; Primary and secondary lymphoid organ; Antigen; B and T cells and Macrophages; Major histocompatibility complex MHC ; Antigen processing and presentation; Synthesis of antibody and secretion; Molecular basis of antibody diversity; Polyclonal and monoclonal antibody; Complement; Antigen-antibody reaction; Regulation of immune response; Immune tolerance; Hyper sensitivity; Autoimmunity; Graft versus host reaction.

Higher Engineering Mathematics By B. The materials and information provided on this website are for reference purposes only.

Special features and organization of plant cells; Totipotency; Regeneration of plants; Plant products of industrial importance; Biochemistry of major metabolic pathways and products; Autotrophic and heterotrophic growth; Plant growth regulators and elicitors; Cell suspension culture development: Chawla HSPlant Biotechnology: Leave a Reply Cancel reply. The applications of Biotechnology in health care, and industry is vast and critical.

Limit, continuity and differentiability, Partial derivatives, Maxima and minima, Sequences and series, Test for convergence, Fourier Series. Biomolecules and their conformation; Weak inter-molecular interactions in biomacromolecules; Chemical and functional nature of enzymes; Kinetics of single substrate and bi-substrate enzyme catalyzed reactions; Bioenergetics; Metabolism Glycolysis, TCA and Oxidative phosphorylation ; Membrane transport and pumps; Cell cycle and cell growth control; Cell signaling and signal transduction.

Assume, if I receives your registration form on Monday. The Postal Material includes our classroom Study Material which have. Click Here for complete Disclaimer. Mostly by Materia, you will get material.

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Generally 2 or 3 days. This material useful for other exams also. Do I need to pay Rs 7, at once or installments? Friday, October 26, Download Sample with Questions.

Given here is the list of books required for all topics covered in GATE syllabus. Enter your email address: Sir I am studying M. NTA releases public notice on Chapter wise Material for 11 Units, including Maths.

Prokaryotic and eukaryotic cell structure; Microbial nutrition, growth and control; Microbial metabolism aerobic and anaerobic respiration, photosynthesis ; Nitrogen fixation; Chemical basis of mutations and mutagens; Microbial genetics plasmids, transformation, transduction, conjugation ; Microbial diversity and characteristic features; Viruses.

You can start as early as possible. You will get complete guidance. Introduction to Bioinformatics 3 rd edition by Arthur M.

Important GATE Books for Biotechnology (BT) – GATE Study Material

We offer online exams not online classes. Gene cloning and DNA analysis by T.

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