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Feel It Break Austra. My Interpretation I think this amazing! Sure, she realizes that at least she don't know many facts! We do not have any tags for Lose It lyrics. Austra — Lose It.

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Lose It Austra Produced by Austra.

Domino Records Paper Bag Records. Retrieved July 27, She never had those feelings before and can't explain why she loves him so terribly. Their second album Olympia was released on Autsra 18, Katie Stelmanis of Austra".

My Interpretation I think this amazing!

Lose It, a song by Austra on Spotify

Retrieved December 9, Other guys have never made her feel this way before and it kind of scares her. She want him so much and suffers but he won't come back. Mental is a great word for it. The "Don't wanna lose you, don't wanna lose" might be she's always identified as queer and now she's having feelings for the man, she doesn't want to lose him, but she feels like she's losing something that's a part of her and she's at war with herself.

Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube. Lose It Lyrics Don't wanna lose you, don't wanna lose Don't wanna lose you, don't wanna lose I never knew you, I never knew I never knew you, I never knew Your body's harmful, the very shape The cracks are deeper, on every plate Don't wanna lose you, don't wanna lose Don't wanna lose you, don't wanna lose I get impatient, with every word The more you ask me, the more I've heard This is a thirst that I've never had I've never bled for another man Don't wanna lose you, don't wanna lose Don't wanna lose you, don't wanna lose My face screams My face screams My face screams Without an emotion In the darkness comes, another, another Hold her by losw thumbs, iy other, the other.

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Austra — Lose It. Flag mimhhs on June 18, Oh well my luck it'll probably multiply Create an account with SongMeanings to post comments, submit lyrics, and more.

Views Read Edit View history. Retrieved January 29, Synth-pop [1] new wave [2] [3] dark wave [4] [5] art pop [6] [7].

Login with Facebook Error: User does not exist. This page was last edited on 29 Augustat Even if she knows that he's bad for her and they will never be together in the way she wants, she keeps holding on, even when he already left her.

Retrieved January 19, She was preggers with her exes kid and I couldn't provide for her and the baby and it just seemed so unrealistic for me to be with her after someone ausyra child would be born unto her and take my place in her life. We all agree this is an amazing song!

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Retrieved May 10, Love this song and band though! Retrieved December 20, Retrieved January 12, Retrieved July 10, Lyrics submitted by kroneredited by LandLubberculprit. I first heard this song while watching a love scene between two women on the show Lost Girl, and that interpretation kind of ties into the story lines in that show.

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