Bigjon press your luck

As I recall you didn't know how many questions you got right until you decided whether or not to try and win the round. Once the slot is selected, that percentage of the door placed in your bank roll i. Straight Sevens is a great idea for a quiz game. Submit a new link.

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Spoilers are allowed, but please stick them under a spoiler tag. Everything Jay Lewis has made: Fast forward to today, and I spend most of my free time making Youtube videos, and I want to make a video celebrating these greats and others. Any pointers on other ones to try, other places to look, would be appreciated.

The Thunder Whammy or any of you watched Press Your Luck in 1980's?

Thanks in advance for all your help, and I'll be all too happy to share the video's link when it's complete. Again, shades of Greed but it works well. Once the slot is selected, that percentage of the door placed in your bank roll i. There are two ykur of the following: Any clips that don't have any explanations may be deleted without warning.

My favorite part of the gameshow scene on the internet over the years has been the homemade gameshow games - they were everywhere, made by some supremely lluck people, from Pacdude to BigJon, and I was in heaven. March 7, Number of Episodes: I feel like there are other great homemade game authors I'm forgetting, and still others I never knew about. Homemade Gameshow Games for PC self.

This is an old post, but has anyone been able to get Tower of Cash to work at all. BigJon's games came with their own version of an Eggcrate font, but for whatever reason, it didn't install properly, and I had lots of blank score panels.

However, now only nine doors contain WALK cards.

Press Your Luck Game | PS3 - PlayStation

What OS do you have? The contestant sees 50 doors upon walking onto the stage.

But I do have some issues that I'm hoping some of the denizens here can help me with: If anyone could send those my way, I would much appreciate it. You can still find it if you look hard enough. Want to add to the discussion?

The Vault (mxc0427)

Pass will discard a value that the player doesn't want, and Swap will not discard the value, however the player may replace one of the currently existing ones with it. Become a Redditor luci subscribe to one of thousands of communities. However, there is no indication to the largest or smallest amounts, as there is no "board" showing which amounts are "in play". Find one of these yoir and the contestant can walk away with a percentage of the current Bank Roll.

Please provide a full description of any foreign-language clips explaining why the clip is notable. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet.

Because this increases the difficulty of the game, there are two helps available: Contents [ show ]. Sign In Don't have an account?

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Alumni Flair If you've been a contestant or panelist on a game show, message the presss with proof! The Vault is a Netgame created by forum member mxc Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

If anyone still has these I'd really appreciate them messaging me!

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