Four candles sketch

Confused, the shopkeeper asks if he wants an ointment for "sore tips". A script for the sketch in Ronnie Barker's handwriting was discovered on Antiques Roadshow in and subsequently authenticated by Ronnie Corbett, who noted that while it was unusual for Barker to write in red ink, it was undoubtedly his handwriting. It is thought by using the pen name, comedy bosses would be able to make a more balanced decision on the sketch, rather than knowing it had been written by one-half of Britain's most famous comedy act. I fought you meant 'oes!

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The customer's answer is "thirteen amp" revealing he in fact wants an insulated electric plug. The sketch was inspired by a real incident in a hardware shop in BroadstairsKentwhich was submitted by the owners as possible material. It is an expression used to show exasperation when you feel frustrated and annoyed. The customer waits for him to get the box down again before better explaining what he wants — tins of peas. Four tins of peas! A one-off never to be equalled.

Tony Bellew has won world titles - but you would never guess where his career started out. Mauricio Pochettino City "on another level" to us says Spurs' Mauricio Pochettino before Monday clash There will be just two points between the sides at kick-off yet Tottenham boss feels true gap is far wider. On the day when I filmed it, I was completely amazed.

At this point the candkes, having had enough, snatches the shopping list the customer has been holding to complete the order without any confusions. Andrew Stowe, from East Bristol Auctions, added: However, he then seems to take offence at something written on the list.

After a better explanation the shopkeeper explains sketcu do not have any. This item causes the most frustration with the shopkeeper bringing a hoea hose "'Ose! Thank you for subscribing We have more newsletters Show me See our privacy notice.

Two Ronnies' famous 'fork handles' script set to sell for £40,000 at auction

Brown pumps, size nine! The customer then reveals he wants "brown pumps size nine".

A long counter up and downstage. Look, I've had just about enough of this, give us that list.

Preview – Four Candles (The Two Ronnies) –[Multimedia-English videos]

He then asks for "o's". Most Read Most Recent. Garden equipment, ladies tights, builders supplies, mousetraps, everything. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The classic scene, first aired by the BBC infeatures Barker trying to buy handles for garden forks from Ronnie Corbett. That does have it!

I fought you meant 'oes! This causes little or no frustration. The sketch was apparently inspired by a real event which took place in a shop in Broadstairs, Kent. The box of garden gate letters is noticeably difficult to get to and put back, requiring a ladder. The customer then explains he wants tap washers, almost the only type of washer that the shopkeeper failed to list possibly out of thinking it was too obvious.

The script will be sold along with other lots, including a pair of spectacles used in a Two Ronnies show, a letter signed by Barker, an authentication certificate and a print of the four candles sketch signed by Corbett and Barker. It has led to a pub being named after the sketch in Barker's home town of Oxford, and at Barker's memorial service at Westminster Abbey invergers carried four huge candles.

Lots of deep drawers and cupboards up high so that R. News all Most Read Most Recent.

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The shopkeeper then takes out four candles, but the customer merely repeats his request and the shopkeeper is confused. Both customer and shopkeeper have an accent, especially the customer.

He decides he cannot tolerate the customer any longer and calls his assistant from fuor back to complete the order.

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