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However, if your computers do not support the Windows Aero desktop experience, this Extra will add new positioning options for backgrounds, including stationary pictures. Windows DreamScene is a utility that allows videos and. I did manage to find one on another site that did the trick though. Backdoor Logon — Ease of Access!

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The Best Tech Newsletter Anywhere. They have released a new version 3. I see DreamScene as a toy for computer trainers to impress their students. Uncheck Show media title on video. I did manage to find one on another site that did the trick though.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Download free standalone Windows DreamScene beta.

Windows DreamScene Free Download for Windows Vista Ultimate

You May Also Interested In: Windows Mac iPhone Android. You can obtain DreamScene videos from third party suppliers, alternatively, you can create your own looping videos then the Personalize desktop, and display your DreamScene following the above instructions.

Just make sure you toggle the Loop button on the playlist window to Loop All. If I right click on one of my favorite videos, there is no option to "Set As Desktop Background" Hippie Alas, same trouble here, it apparently doesn't work on x64 versions of Windows 7 Ultimate.

Occasionally we were left with a black screen and had to manually change our wallpaper back to normal even after turning off the DirectX Wallpaper. Free Trial of Network Performance Monitor.

While the DreamScene feature never really caught on in Vista, we find them to be a cool way to pump a little life into your desktop on any version of Vista or Windows 7. You can dreamsscene those download links at the end of the article. Try an uninstall, followed be a re-install.

Windows Vista DreamScene

Recently, we iwndows you how to set a video as your desktop wallpaper dindows VLC. I run the program yet it gives me an error. As mentioned above, Windows DreamScene supports user generated contents, videos, animated pictures, tools and enhancements. If you have leave a comment and let us know.

Check Performance with ipMonitor. Another cool trick you can do with VLC is take snapshots of favorite movie scenes and set them as backgrounds.

Windows Vista DreamScene. Desktop background in vista ultimate

Next, select All under Show Settings at the lower left, then select the Video button on the left pane. Should your graphics card be capable of displaying Windows Aero graphics, then it will be capable of showing the DreamScene videos.

It'll appear as soon as we approve it. Joinsubscribers and get a daily digest of news, geek trivia, and our feature articles. Windows Vista Ultimate website link dead has a video clip showcases the features and what desktop will looks like with Dream Scene.

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Finding Tools Menu and Explorer Settings. This will prevent VLC from constantly showing the title of the video on the screen each time the video loops. Windows DreamScene was a utility available for Vista Ultimate that allowed users to set video as desktop wallpaper.

You can also view video demo of Windows DreamScene in full motion desktop demo video here. You can find the download link below. Windows DreamScene only support.

Beside, Windows DreamScene is also smart enough to scan your battery power settings and pauses the video to conserve battery power. Over 60 pages ebook and PDF format.

When you are ready for a change, click Disable DreamScene and switch back to your previous wallpaper.

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